Piracy Attack – Search Engines to Bury Pirate Content

Pirate, piracy, boat, sea, shipA new anti-piracy voluntary code of practice between search engines Google and Bing could see the filtering out of websites offering pirated films, music and illegally streamed sport.

What Is The Problem?

At the moment, search engine filtering is not in place to the point where search engine users clicking on high ranking search engine results don’t end up unwittingly arriving on websites which present a possible security risk and/or offer illegal/pirated content.

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Biggest Data Breach in History For Yahoo

As if the data breach of 500 million users’ accounts in 2014 wasn’t bad enough, Yahoo has just discovered that it was the subject of the biggest data breach in history when, back in 2013, more than one billion user accounts were compromised.

What Happened? yahoo-1715856_1920

According to a statement from Yahoo, hackers used a method known as ‘forged cookies’ to enable them to gain access to users’ accounts. These cookies were pieces of code which, when planted in a user’s browser cache, the yahoo website didn’t require a login every time it was accessed. This meant that the cyber criminals behind the scheme were then able to use this vulnerability to pose and be misidentified as a user, and get into their account without needing a password.

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