Uber Refunds Terror Escapees

Uber Taxi StreetAfter a barrage of bad publicity over surge pricing, ride-hailing company Uber has announced that it has refunded those affected by inflated prices while trying to escape from the London terror attack.

Surge Pricing

The ‘surge pricing’ which can be turned on or off when needed via Uber’s app system means that customers are charged higher prices in the area of a city town where demand has suddenly increased, and where not enough Uber drivers are available to meet that demand.

According to Uber, the higher prices that can be charged at these times are designed to encourage more Uber drivers to go to that area and respond to the requests from customers.

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Terrorists on Facebook? There’s An Algorithm For That

Terrorism Pentagon 2001 attack Facebook is reportedly planning to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms that can spot posts that relate to terrorism and bullying, thereby making the platform safer for users, and making it less likely for those supporting and exporting violence and prejudice from using Facebook.

What’s The Problem?

The vast number of Facebook users, and the ease of signing up to and sharing widely across the platform, has meant that Facebook has become a place where posts reflect all views in society, from very good to very bad. It has also famously been a platform that defends the privacy of its users (and the use of encryption)

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