Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines

With the use of physical cash in decline, ATMs may need to be modified and reinvented to take on many more banking functions and to offer new services. ATM Cash Machine

Cash In Decline

Despite the high profile media reports for the introduction of a news UK £1 coin, the truth is that physical cash as a popular form of payment is being replaced by cards and smartphone payment systems.

A British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Payments Survey found for example that cash was used for less than half of all retail transactions across the UK in 2015, and this amounted to 20% fewer transactions made with cash than in 2011. Debit cards now make up around 40% of transactions in the UK, and 54% in terms of overall value of retail sales. Continue reading “Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines”

Police Using Facial Recognition Technology at Football Match

More evidence of the adoption of sophisticated biometric security measures by organisations and agencies can be seen with news that Police in Wales will be using live facial recognition technology during the Champions League final in Cardiff on 3 June. CCTV Facial Recognition Camera

Pilot Scheme At Match And Railway Station

A report on the Contacts Finder section of the website was the first indication of the pilot that South Wales and Gwent Police forces will be running to use the latest ‘real time’ facial recognition technology at a major event, in order to try to match its 500,000 custody images in its Record Management system to any of the attendees (or persons at the train station). Continue reading “Police Using Facial Recognition Technology at Football Match”

Xperience Slow Motion, Sony Xperia

The newly launched Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone enables users to film smooth, slow motion footage at rates that top-end smartphones are currently unable to match.

How Slow?

According to technical commentators, the slow motion footage available with the Xperia XZ Premium is four times the rate possible on competing models from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Why Slow Motion?

Much of the point of the Xperia XZ Premium is to show off the abilities of the camera, as Sony only has very small market share of the smartphone market (around 1%), but makes its image-sensors available to its rivals a year after they debut.

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The Cloudflare Scare and Bleeding Clouds?

cloudflare, solar, cloud, rays, sun, orange, yellowSecurity company Cloudflare have revealed that a leak of sensitive data (nicknamed ‘Cloudbleed’), which was made possible by a bug in their code, could mean that many users of popular services may need to change their passwords.

What Happened?

A bug in the code of California-based Cloudflare’s software appears to have leaked data from perhaps as many as four million domains of the six million websites that using Cloudflare’s performance enhancement, SEO and security services.

Any requests to websites with the HTML rewrite features enabled, triggered the software bug, which then leaked personal data from any other Cloudflare proxy customers that were in memory at the time, to random requesters.

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Self-Flying Taxi Over Dubai From July, Oh My!

Drone, Taxi, Flight, flying, flying taxiAccording to the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency, passengers could be able to use a self-flying drone taxi from as early as July this year.

One-Person Drone Taxi Already Tested Over Dubai.

The Ehang 184, electric-powered, pilotless ‘taxi’ drone is reported to have already been tested over the skies of Dubai. The four-propellered, pod-shaped vehicle is able to transport one passenger and their bag (weighing not more than 100 kilograms / 220 pounds in total) on a journey of up to 23 minutes duration on a single charge. Charging the drone’s battery up between journeys reportedly takes up to 2 hours.

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30 More Tech Firms Oppose Trump Immigration Ban

america border immigrationPresident Trump’s order to ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has led to 30 more US technology firms openly expressing their opposition to it.

127 Total

The 30 technology firms, who have just signed a brief opposing the immigration ban, join 97 others who have already filed a legal document objecting to the ban because they believe that the ban will not only harm their businesses, but that it could also be unconstitutional.

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The Japanese Have Created Washable Smartphones

Male diving head first into washing machineJapanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera is reported to have introduced a new range of waterproof smartphones that can be washed in soap and water.

Second Time Around.

This is the second time that Kyocera have launched a range of waterproof smartphones. Back in December 2015, the company unveiled the “Digno Rafre” soap-proof smartphone.

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Streaming Top Trumps

speedoAkamai figures show that the inauguration of President Donald Trump broke all live video streaming records in terms of the rate of data transmission in Terabytes per second (tbps).

Largest Single Live News Event.

The figures from Akami show that prior to President Trump’s inauguration, the largest live streaming event was U.S. Election Day (evening) back on 8th November 2016 when 7.5 Tbps was achieved.

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