Uber Refunds Terror Escapees

Uber Taxi StreetAfter a barrage of bad publicity over surge pricing, ride-hailing company Uber has announced that it has refunded those affected by inflated prices while trying to escape from the London terror attack.

Surge Pricing

The ‘surge pricing’ which can be turned on or off when needed via Uber’s app system means that customers are charged higher prices in the area of a city town where demand has suddenly increased, and where not enough Uber drivers are available to meet that demand.

According to Uber, the higher prices that can be charged at these times are designed to encourage more Uber drivers to go to that area and respond to the requests from customers.

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Taxi Firm Introduces Facial Recognition

A ride-hailing service called Careem (similar to Uber but operating in more than fifty cities in the Middle East and North Africa) is adding facial recognition software to its driver app to help with customer safety. taxi New York City

Is The Actual Driver The Authorized Driver?

The software, produced by ‘Digital Barriers’ will be added to the driver’s Careem smartphone app so that the actual driver of the vehicle can be matched in real-time to the authorised and accredited driver. This is intended to provide re-assurance to (and protect the safety and security of) Careem’s passengers by demonstrating to them that their driver’s credentials are being monitored (in an impressive way). Continue reading “Taxi Firm Introduces Facial Recognition”

Self-Flying Taxi Over Dubai From July, Oh My!

Drone, Taxi, Flight, flying, flying taxiAccording to the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency, passengers could be able to use a self-flying drone taxi from as early as July this year.

One-Person Drone Taxi Already Tested Over Dubai.

The Ehang 184, electric-powered, pilotless ‘taxi’ drone is reported to have already been tested over the skies of Dubai. The four-propellered, pod-shaped vehicle is able to transport one passenger and their bag (weighing not more than 100 kilograms / 220 pounds in total) on a journey of up to 23 minutes duration on a single charge. Charging the drone’s battery up between journeys reportedly takes up to 2 hours.

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French Cheat Sues Uber After Getting Caught

Taxi, cab, uberA (now-divorced) French businessman is suing taxi-style operator Uber over the alleged role of its app in exposing evidence of his extra-marital affair to his wife.

Ticket To Ride.

According to recent news reports, the businessman in question, who has not been publicly named, but is being represented by his lawyer David-André Darmon, reportedly used his wife’s phone to request an Uber driver to take him to a rendezvous with his lover.

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