Car Scammers Using eBay

Scammers in the Greater Manchester area are using eBay to sell cars that have been stolen and cloned. Mercedes Car

What Is Car Cloning?

Car cloning involves using the identifying details of another, legitimate car (e.g. the number plate of your car) to disguise a stolen vehicle or to avoid speeding fines, parking tickets or other offences. The new number plate is either stolen from a legitimate car or purchased online and car cloning scammers even go to the lengths of changing the chassis numbers and accompanying documentation of the vehicles that they are illegally trying to sell-on.

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Facebook AND Google Victims Of Massive Phishing Scam

Details have emerged of a phishing scam which took place from 2013 until 2015, allegedly run by one 48-year-old man who claimed both Google and Facebook as victims to the tune of £77 million.

Who?young boy phishing fishing

The man currently accused of running a criminal scam (that ironically claimed online security advocates and tech giants Google and Facebook as victims) is Lithuanian man Evaldas Rimasauskas. Mr. Rimasauskas is reported to be currently facing charges of wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft. Continue reading “Facebook AND Google Victims Of Massive Phishing Scam”

Scammers Burgling Airbnb Users… Again.

Scammers have used the stolen account details of Airbnb users to target properties for burglaries. burglar

What Is Airbnb?

An online marketplace that allows people to rent out their properties or spare rooms. Hosts can register on the site, set a price per night for their accommodation (which is typically lower than a hotel price), upload pictures of what’s on offer, and set house rules. Potential guests go to the Airbnb website, select their travel dates, and then pick from a list of options. Guests and hosts write reviews about each other.

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Scammers Exploit Rise In Bitcoin Value

Scammers have been quick to exploit a rise in the value of web-based, crypto-currency Bitcoin by launching bogus online schemes with the lure of false money-making coins in barrel

What Happened to Bitcoin?

At the beginning of March, the value of a unit of Bitcoin exceeded the value of an ounce of gold for the first time. The markets recorded the value of a unit of Bitcoin at $1,268, compared to a troy ounce of gold at $1,233.

Crime and Bitcoin

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