One Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation

A new report by PwC claims that over 30% of UK jobs could be lost to automation by the year 2030.large multistory circular car park

Robot Replacements

Advances in AI, robotics, and technology could mean that many jobs that need humans today may be carried out by robots in the next 15 years.

Which Jobs?

According to the report, 44% jobs in manufacturing (where there are already many robots e.g. car manufacturing), especially those involving manual work, look likely to go to AI led software or robots. Continue reading “One Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation”

Robots Helping The Elderly

In an age when people are living longer, healthcare systems and resources are being strained, with elderly people facing challenges like loneliness, more research is being carried out into how robots could bridge the care gap.

The Challenges

The global population is ageing. In the UK alone for example, people are having fewer children and living longer lives. By 2040, nearly one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75 (UK Government figures) and this will mean that public spending will need to increase, and already stretched care systems will be under unprecedented pressures. Meeting the caring and or nursing needs of the elderly, as well as addressing companionship issues, are likely to be major issues facing us all in years to come. Continue reading “Robots Helping The Elderly”

Capita Replacing People With Robots

So-called economic ‘headwinds’ is one of the reasons why outsourcing company Capita is cutting 2,250 UK jobs but giving more than 2,000 jobs to robots!

Automation Job Threat.


One of the long-held worries about automation has been illustrated in a ‘futuristic’ way as Capita has apparently responded to a profit warning by deciding to cut and re-direct human jobs (200 are going to India) while at the same time giving jobs to ‘robots’.
Continue reading “Capita Replacing People With Robots”