Terrorists on Facebook? There’s An Algorithm For That

Terrorism Pentagon 2001 attack Facebook is reportedly planning to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms that can spot posts that relate to terrorism and bullying, thereby making the platform safer for users, and making it less likely for those supporting and exporting violence and prejudice from using Facebook.

What’s The Problem?

The vast number of Facebook users, and the ease of signing up to and sharing widely across the platform, has meant that Facebook has become a place where posts reflect all views in society, from very good to very bad. It has also famously been a platform that defends the privacy of its users (and the use of encryption)

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FBI Given Access To Your Emails Stored Outside US

FBI Spies Listening Watching privacyGoogle have been told by a US magistrate that they must comply with an FBI search warrant that would allow US law enforcement agencies to access emails that are stored outside of the US.

The order, by Judge Thomas Rueter, refers to the fact that Google uses data centres around the world to store customer emails on.

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Don’t Be (Unwittingly) Tracked By Uber


Privacy campaigners have complained (on behalf of concerned customers) after it was revealed that an update to Uber’s app allows users’ GPS signals to be followed after they have left the vehicle at the end of their journey.

Continues To Run In The Background.

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