Microsoft Engineers Now Use Git To Develop Windows

GIT CODE HTML MICROSOFTMicrosoft has announced that it has now moved 90% of its engineers over to using the open source ‘Git Version Control System’ (VCS) for developing the Windows Operating system.

What is Git?

Git is a kind of software that is used in source code management to help manage a project by tracking changes to computer files, and helping co-ordinate the work on those files among multiple people. Developed in 2005, its benefits are that it is fast, ensures data integrity, and keeps things organised, even though there may be distributed, non-linear work by many different parties on the same project.

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A Gap In The Cloud – Could Google And Microsoft Be Gaining On Amazon?

A slowing in Amazon’s Web Services’ astronomical growth rate of recent years has, according to some commentators, made it look as though Microsoft and Google have more of a chance of stealing at least some of its cloud market share. Gap In Cloud

Speculation Fuelled

This latest round of speculation about whether the two leaders of the pack chasing a bigger share of the enterprise cloud market has been triggered by the release and the trumpeting of the healthy financial figures by all three.

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Windows 10 Improvements From Insider Preview Build 15002

With many businesses now having upgraded to Windows 10, it’s useful to know which of the latest features the O/S can offer that can helpwindows 10 cartoon image you to work smarter, save time, and get better results.

New Features

Although Build 15007 has just been introduced (and it includes some new additions), many technical commentators agree that the most impact was made by the rollout of Build 15002 a few days earlier.

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