Blaming Brexit Uncertainty For UK Tech Employment Challenges

Brexit Britain LondonA recent report by ‘Hired’ has shown that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has made UK employers less likely to seek migrant tech employees, and has made less overseas tech workers seek jobs in the UK.

The Report

The report (gathered data from over 20,000 foreign candidates, 200 UK candidates and 850 clients) focused on the attitudes of foreign workers towards UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The study discovered that the number of foreign candidates looking for work in the UK had dropped by more than 50% and that representation of foreign job-seekers in their total talent pool had decreased by over 60%.

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One Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation

A new report by PwC claims that over 30% of UK jobs could be lost to automation by the year 2030.large multistory circular car park

Robot Replacements

Advances in AI, robotics, and technology could mean that many jobs that need humans today may be carried out by robots in the next 15 years.

Which Jobs?

According to the report, 44% jobs in manufacturing (where there are already many robots e.g. car manufacturing), especially those involving manual work, look likely to go to AI led software or robots. Continue reading “One Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation”

Thousands of New UK Jobs at Amazon

amazon, delivery, box, tapeOnline retailer Amazon has announced that is going to create 5,000 new full-time jobs in the UK this year.

The new jobs will boost Amazon’s total, permanent UK workforce to 24,000.

What Kind of Jobs?

It has been reported that Amazon is going to be hiring people in a range of roles, including anything from software developers to warehouse staff. The new UK jobs will also include hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities.

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Capita Replacing People With Robots

So-called economic ‘headwinds’ is one of the reasons why outsourcing company Capita is cutting 2,250 UK jobs but giving more than 2,000 jobs to robots!

Automation Job Threat.


One of the long-held worries about automation has been illustrated in a ‘futuristic’ way as Capita has apparently responded to a profit warning by deciding to cut and re-direct human jobs (200 are going to India) while at the same time giving jobs to ‘robots’.
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