1.5 Million WordPress Pages Hacked. Was Yours?

Anon hackker hacked hack face maskAn estimated 1.5 million WordPress pages were attacked and defaced in January via a vulnerability in the platform’s API.

What Vulnerability?

The vulnerability in the REST API (the Application Programming Interface of the REST architecture that makes up the pages) meant that unauthorised persons could modify the content of any post or page in a WordPress website. The fact that the vulnerability was there, and that attacks were taking place through it, was flagged up to WordPress by web security firm Sucuri on 20th January.

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3 Men Charged After Making $4 Million From Hacking U.S. Law Firms

Three Chinese citizens have been charged in the U.S. courts after it was found that they hacked U.S. law firms and then used the stolen information for insider trading that netted them $4 million dollars.NEO Hack

A Manhattan federal court charged the 3 men this week with conspiracy, insider trading, wire fraud and computer intrusion in a case that mixed cyber crime with securities fraud.

How They Did It

It has been reported that the trio aged 26, 30 and 50 hacked two U.S. law firms, specifically targeting the email accounts of partners working on mergers and acquisitions. The hacking trio used the law firms’ employee’s credentials to install malware on the firm’s servers in order to access emails from lawyers. Continue reading “3 Men Charged After Making $4 Million From Hacking U.S. Law Firms”

Obama Retaliates By Expelling 35 Russian ‘Spy’ Diplomats

obama-speakingThe outgoing US President Obama has commenced the public aspects of retaliation for the alleged Russian hacking of (and interference with) the US presidential election by expelling 35 Russian diplomats from the country.

What Happened?

The US government under President Obama claim that Russia took part in state-sponsored interference in the US presidential election, with the apparent intention of helping Donald Trump make it to the White House.

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