Flash Battery – Worlds Fastest Phone Charge?

Flash Battery ChargeIsraeli company StoreDot have reportedly claimed that their innovative Flash Battery technology means that five-minute charging smartphones could be on the market by 2018.

Minutes Rather Than Hours

On average it takes most of us anywhere between one to three hours to charge our smartphones depending on the size of the battery and the flow capacity of the charger.

Considering how pressed for time most of us are nowadays, five-minute charging may seem like a dream come true, although it may be a reality in 2018.

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Touch Sensitive “Paint” Opens New Doors

A new system called Electrick (developed by Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh) uses conductive spray paint and electrodes to turn any surface into an electronic touch sensor. paint on brush wall

Electric Field Tomography

The revolutionary new system was created by Created by CMU Ph.D. student Yang Zhang and works using a technique known as electric field tomography (EFT), which exploits the interaction of a high-frequency electric field with a conductive medium.

How Does It Work?

In short, a surface or object is coated with a spray-paint application of carbon conducting paint. N.B. whole, solid or pliable objects can also be cast / moulded from carbon-conductive material (a mixture of carbon fibre and conventional silicone).

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Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines

With the use of physical cash in decline, ATMs may need to be modified and reinvented to take on many more banking functions and to offer new services. ATM Cash Machine

Cash In Decline

Despite the high profile media reports for the introduction of a news UK £1 coin, the truth is that physical cash as a popular form of payment is being replaced by cards and smartphone payment systems.

A British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Payments Survey found for example that cash was used for less than half of all retail transactions across the UK in 2015, and this amounted to 20% fewer transactions made with cash than in 2011. Debit cards now make up around 40% of transactions in the UK, and 54% in terms of overall value of retail sales. Continue reading “Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines”

Robots Helping The Elderly

In an age when people are living longer, healthcare systems and resources are being strained, with elderly people facing challenges like loneliness, more research is being carried out into how robots could bridge the care gap.

The Challenges

The global population is ageing. In the UK alone for example, people are having fewer children and living longer lives. By 2040, nearly one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75 (UK Government figures) and this will mean that public spending will need to increase, and already stretched care systems will be under unprecedented pressures. Meeting the caring and or nursing needs of the elderly, as well as addressing companionship issues, are likely to be major issues facing us all in years to come. Continue reading “Robots Helping The Elderly”

IBM To Offer Quantum Computing Service

IBMIBM is preparing to offer a service that gives access to (and use of) a powerful, universal quantum computer, via the cloud, thereby enabling users to solve complex problems and innovate.

More Power, Greater Capabilities

The service, which will be called IBM Q, will be the first time that a universal quantum computer has been commercially available.

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The Japanese Have Created Washable Smartphones

Male diving head first into washing machineJapanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera is reported to have introduced a new range of waterproof smartphones that can be washed in soap and water.

Second Time Around.

This is the second time that Kyocera have launched a range of waterproof smartphones. Back in December 2015, the company unveiled the “Digno Rafre” soap-proof smartphone.

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Amazon Warehouse In The Sky

blimp-sunsetNews has surfaced of a patent that’s reported to have been filed by Amazon back in December 2014 for a flying warehouse, or airborne fulfilment centre (AFC), that can use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to deliver items to users.

The patent has been recently unearthed and reported via Twitter by analyst Zoe Leavitt from CB Insights, who described the idea as ‘the Death Star of ecommerce”.

An Airship at High Altitude
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Just Pop To The Robot Shop


Amazon look set to launch a new type of high tech (Robot) grocery shop next year that allows customers to use an app to record (and pay for) their purchases rather than having to go through a checkout.

What’s So Different About The Amazon Store?


The new Amazon store uses a combination of a special app and in-store technology to allow customers to shop and then ‘just walk out’ without having to encounter a physical checkout.
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Robot Passenger Planes Now Taking Off

PlaneBAE Systems has announced that it will be carrying out 17 trial flights in UK airspace of an aircraft that has been specially converted to enable it to fly autonomously.

From Lancashire to Inverness.


The test flights will be made using a modified Jetstream 31 aircraft. The flights are scheduled to take place between BAE’s base at Warton in Lancashire and Inverness in Scotland.
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