Broadband Speed Claims To Be Examined

A 10-week public consultation is to be held by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) about the advertised speeds of competing broadband services and whether they differ from real user experiences. speed tunnell


It has been reported that Research commissioned by the ASA has led CAP to believe that tougher standards need to be imposed on broadband providers to make them clearer, more transparent, and more realistic about exactly what they are offering, and what consumers can realistically expect from their services.

Also, since big changes in technology and the tech marketplace can happen quickly, and the current guidance on broadband advertising was introduced back in 2012, the advertising regulators think that it’s now time for the guidance to be updated.

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SMEs To Get 350Mbps ‘Voom Fibre’ Broadband From Virgin Media

Virgin Media Business have announced that they are offering a broadband package to SMEs that that gives broadband speeds that are more than four times faster than the equivalent speeds offered by its rivals. Fibre Optic lights

Voom Gloom For Rivals

From 2nd May, the new fibre broadband called Voom Fibre, will offer SMEs the chance to benefit from a broadband speed of 350Mbps. In reality, although many of Virgin’s customers will be able to access the full 350Mbps, most customers will get the benefit of at least 200Mbps.

Nevertheless, this appears to compare very favourably with the top broadband speed of 76Mbps offered by rivals BT, Sky and TalkTalk (where customers are in areas where those speeds are possible).

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