A Gap In The Cloud – Could Google And Microsoft Be Gaining On Amazon?

A slowing in Amazon’s Web Services’ astronomical growth rate of recent years has, according to some commentators, made it look as though Microsoft and Google have more of a chance of stealing at least some of its cloud market share. Gap In Cloud

Speculation Fuelled

This latest round of speculation about whether the two leaders of the pack chasing a bigger share of the enterprise cloud market has been triggered by the release and the trumpeting of the healthy financial figures by all three.

At the heart of the speculation that Microsoft and Google may be gaining a little on AWS (which is, realistically, still in a league of its own) is the assumption that a growth rate that big, combined with a huge number of customers (surely) can’t be sustainable. Continue reading “A Gap In The Cloud – Could Google And Microsoft Be Gaining On Amazon?”

The Cloudflare Scare and Bleeding Clouds?

cloudflare, solar, cloud, rays, sun, orange, yellowSecurity company Cloudflare have revealed that a leak of sensitive data (nicknamed ‘Cloudbleed’), which was made possible by a bug in their code, could mean that many users of popular services may need to change their passwords.

What Happened?

A bug in the code of California-based Cloudflare’s software appears to have leaked data from perhaps as many as four million domains of the six million websites that using Cloudflare’s performance enhancement, SEO and security services.

Any requests to websites with the HTML rewrite features enabled, triggered the software bug, which then leaked personal data from any other Cloudflare proxy customers that were in memory at the time, to random requesters.

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Dropbox Productivity Enhancements Announced

To kick off 2017, Dropbox has announced new productivity enhancements to its services, which include availability of its Paper document collaboration service and a Smart Sync feature that gives access to all shared files.

More Attractive in a Crowded Market.

Technical commentators have suggested that the new Dropbox enhancements are part of a strategy to help give the product more appeal, and a competitive edge in a market cloud storage market that has become very crowded in recent years.

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