Want Rewards For Ignoring Your Phone?

phone, car, cradle, dock, steering wheelA new app called SafeDrive has been developed to reduce the number of phone distraction accidents on the roads by offering shopping discount points as a reward for ignoring your phone while driving.

Why The App?

The app was developed by 30 year-old Romanian businessman Tudor Cobalas, after he nearly crashed while he was texting and driving at the same time.

Even though a personal experience was the trigger for the idea, the app has proven popular because it meets a need that has been recognised worldwide – the need to cut road accident deaths.

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Why Water Resistant Mobile Device Sales Are Up

iphone waterA report by IDC has revealed that the fact that water damage is common and yet it is not covered by insurance policies is the reason why sales of water resistant mobile devices have increased so significantly in 2016.

Water Damage = No Payout

IDC’s European Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report has lifted the lid on an experience that is surprisingly common among mobile device users i.e. you are relatively likely to drop your mobile device in water / get your mobile device wet and then not receive an insurance payout if it is damaged as a result.

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