Microsoft Engineers Now Use Git To Develop Windows

GIT CODE HTML MICROSOFTMicrosoft has announced that it has now moved 90% of its engineers over to using the open source ‘Git Version Control System’ (VCS) for developing the Windows Operating system.

What is Git?

Git is a kind of software that is used in source code management to help manage a project by tracking changes to computer files, and helping co-ordinate the work on those files among multiple people. Developed in 2005, its benefits are that it is fast, ensures data integrity, and keeps things organised, even though there may be distributed, non-linear work by many different parties on the same project.

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Amazon Grocery-Collect Shopping Launched

Amazon Grocery BagAmazon is reported to have extended its business reach into fresh grocery provision and is operating a trial of the ‘Amazon Fresh Pickup’ service from two ‘bricks-and-mortar’ locations in its home city of Seattle.

Order Online and Pickup From Fresh Food Warehouse

The Amazon Fresh Pickup pilot service is now being offered to Amazon Prime members who can shop online for fresh groceries and then drive to pick them up (as quickly as 15 minutes after the order has been placed) from warehouses in the Ballard and Sodo neighbourhoods of Seattle in the US.

The obvious difference to the Amazon Fresh service, which already operates in 16 cities (14 US metropolitan centres, Tokyo, and London) is that customers are invited to come and pick their shopping up themselves, rather than having it delivered to their door.

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What’s Better? Cash Or Contactless Payments?

contactless cardProjected figures from payments industry trade body ‘Payments UK’ have shown that by as soon as next year, more payments will be made using debit cards than using cash.

Driven By The Popularity of Contactless Payments

The convenience and effectiveness of contactless payments are the drivers behind a trend that will see cash payments taking a backseat to debit card payments years earlier than expected.

Payments UK figures show that UK contactless payments in 2016 nearly trebled in 2016 compared to 2015 (to £2.9 billion), and they accounted for 7% the total number of payments.

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Hunt for WannaCry Ransomware Attackers

WannaCry is gone but is it gone for good? As organisations around the world recover and begin to count the cost of the biggest ransomware attack in history, cyber security and law enforcement agencies around the world have turned their attention to tracking down the perpetrators. Police Hunt Hacker

Cruel Irony

The irony of the WannaCry ransomware attacks is that it exploits a vulnerability that was identified by the US National Security Agency. The vulnerability is a hacking tool called ‘Eternal Blue’ that gives access to Microsoft Windows, and was originally developed by the NSA to access the computers of suspected terrorists.

Tracking Gangs

It has been reported that security companies and agencies have analysed the malware and are tracking over 100 different ransom Trojan gangs, with no success as yet.

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Google Translates Business Reviews With AI

If you’re travelling overseas and you want to find a business, bar, restaurant or shop, you will soon be able to read high quality translations of the reviews that are displayed in Google Search results and Google Maps thanks to an AI upgrade. Google Eyes

What’s The Problem?

If you don’t have much local or prior knowledge about the best shops, businesses and attractions of an overseas town / city that you’ve travelled to for a holiday or business (and if you don’t speak the language) your opportunities and experiences can be limited. Turning to Google to get insider knowledge has, up until now, meant the wasted time and hassle of copying and pasting reviews in piece-by-piece sentences, into translation tools with often confusing results. Continue reading “Google Translates Business Reviews With AI”

Amazon Launches UK Online Trade Counter Called ‘Amazon Business’

Amazon has launched its ‘Amazon Business’ service in the UK. The service, which has been added to the existing website, is essentially a trade counter for UK businesses, where they can buy anything from office supplies and computers to power tools and industrial business

Who & Where?

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New Government Cyber Security Unit Encourages Business Co-Operation

After the opening of new National Cyber Security Centre in London in February (to act as part of GCHQ in Cheltenham), businesses are being encouraged to report serious data breaches to the NCSC in confidence.cyber crime anon sign


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Car Costs Could Skyrocket

If car manufacturers are given sole access your modern car’s digital data records (and not third party repair businesses), this could mean that manufacturers will recommend their own repair centres and spare parts, which would very likely mean higher bills and less choice for you.Car rain windshield


The argument between car manufacturers / manufacturer-owned businesses and independent / third party car repair and other businesses over who has access to your car’s data is now well under way.

What Data?

Today’s engines contain sensors and mini-computers (as required by European law) and they have an onboard diagnostic (OBD) port, which allows mechanics to plug in a cable and access the data stored in the car’s computer or electronic control unit (ECU). Continue reading “Car Costs Could Skyrocket”