Apple Says Their New HomePod Is “Different”

Apple Homepod SpeakerApple is reported to be launching its “HomePod” Siri-controlled smart speaker in December this year, and although it’s in the same market as Amazon’s Echo and Sonos, the marketing message is that it’s more about music and sound quality.

What Is Siri?

Apple’s Siri is like Amazon’s Alexa. It is the intelligent, talking personal assistant voice control system that you can give commands to in natural language, and thereby operate and interact with your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now your HomePod.

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Auto Draw From Google Drawing App With AutoCorrect

Google has launched Auto Draw, an innovative AI ‘auto correct’ art app that uses predictive and shape recognition technology to help improve and complete drawings with a professional artistic flair. Google Auto Draw Interf IDT

Improves Your Doodles

Using the same technology as its earlier ‘Quick Draw’ experiment which employed AI to guess what a person was drawing, the new AI ‘Auto Draw’ online app allows you to create a doodle which is then improved upon by the app. You can then choose to replace your doodle with the app’s improved version. You can also choose to use your own version of the drawing, choose to use drawings submitted by other artists or even submit your own drawings to Auto Draw. Continue reading “Auto Draw From Google Drawing App With AutoCorrect”

Terrorists on Facebook? There’s An Algorithm For That

Terrorism Pentagon 2001 attack Facebook is reportedly planning to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms that can spot posts that relate to terrorism and bullying, thereby making the platform safer for users, and making it less likely for those supporting and exporting violence and prejudice from using Facebook.

What’s The Problem?

The vast number of Facebook users, and the ease of signing up to and sharing widely across the platform, has meant that Facebook has become a place where posts reflect all views in society, from very good to very bad. It has also famously been a platform that defends the privacy of its users (and the use of encryption)

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