IT Support For Non-Profits

IT Support For Non-profits And Charities

IT Support For Non-Profits

More Non-profits businesses and charities are turning to technology on an ever-increasing scale. For things as basic as growing awareness in their communities. With this, comes the need for Fresh Mango Technologies support. Fortunately, Fresh Mango Technologies can provide top-quality, professional IT support for Non-profits organizations and charities that you need.

Most non-profit face similar IT challenges:

  • Finance: IT Support is often not a priority when it comes to dividing the budget even though the correct function of IT is greatly important, whether that is because of real issues or because every pound spent here is a pound less than can be spent on the cause
  • People: It makes no sense for non-profits to pay for technical expertise in-house. and volunteers (unless you’re lucky) can be under-skilled and unreliable when it comes to the relentless day in day out maintenance required to keep your IT running smoothly. Outsourcing IT functions can greatly reduce costs whilst giving the “fully covered” expectation you would have of an in-house IT team

Fresh Mango Technologies takes on the responsibility and accountability for managing your entire IT environment and understands the main focus of our support will be to minimize costs wherever we see possible, this includes but is not limited to an in-depth knowledge of schemes and financial help streams available to non-profits and charities. we deliver the performance and security your board members and donors expect.  When you start spending less of your time and resources on technology, your business can devote more time to interacting with sponsors, volunteers, and donors driving your mission to new heights.

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