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Here at Fresh Mango Technologies we can offer complete hosting services for your business needs. This means that you can protect your crucial online presence to the same degree that Fresh Mango Technologies protect your network and data.

Hosting ServicesWith bespoke hosting services built to suit you, you will save time and money with Fresh Mango Technologies by letting us take care of your emails, website and domain services. Whether you need just one of these looking after, or all three, Fresh Mango Technologies can create the perfect package for your needs.

We can also back up your emails and website daily, so if the worst should ever happen you do not have to worry about your online presence being threatened or losing that critical email trail with an important client. This ensures another layer of redundancy and reduces any downtime that a website or email hack could cause.

On top of all that, we can also offer great services like hosted SharePoint to give you secure file sharing within your organisation, as well as hosted servers to save you the cost and time of purchasing and installing your own server. This solution is ideal if you do not think Cloud computing is for you. Why not call us now to find out more on 0113 819 5859.

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