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Learn more about Fresh Mango Technologies today with our Fresh Mango FAQs, answering your most common questions before you even have to ask them. If you ever have a question you can’t quite find the answer to in the Fresh Mango FAQs, please feel free to get in contact with us directly. Our staff are professional, friendly, and always happy to help out a client with any questions or concerns they may have concerning a product or service.

Fresh Mango FAQs

Small businesses are a cybercrime sweet spot—in fact, they’re the target of 58% of cyber attacks by cyber criminals. And a serious security breach can be fatal: Cybercrime costs small businesses 4.2 times more per employee than it does larger businesses, and 60% of small companies that experience a cyber-attack close their doors for good. Read the complete article from Hewlett Packard here, and please talk to us about the inexpensive measures we can deploy to help protect your business. You can start with our free online assessment.

Absolutely! Standard Operating Procedures in IT Support:

- Ensure best practice could be shared across our Group companies

- First-class IT management requires the same expertise, training and knowledge no matter where you operate

- They allow technicians on either side of the Atlantic to be able to provide support to customers no matter where they (the customers) are located

- They allow us to have a proactive-support model that minimises client IT issues

Do you work from home occasionally? Are you frustrated with access to your systems? Perhaps you need some guidance on latest practice on how to do this? We recommend a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is secure and provides the best approach for home working. Please contact us for more information on VPNs.

What is an SOP? Good question! An SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure. It originates from manufacturing environments where standardisation of processes and procedures is used as a key element of ensuring product quality and consistency.

In the same way, at Fresh Mango Technologies we have SOPs in place for the work we do for our clients. From something as straightforward as creating a new email account to configuring an entire server and network. SOPs are one of the many behind-the-scenes ways in which we ensure our customer service remains first-class. Contact Fresh Mango Technologies for more information.

What is patching? Patching is another word for updating your operating systems on your server, PCs, Laptops and Macs. It even applies to your smartphone and tablets.

Microsoft and Apple regularly issue updates to their operating systems. These updates typically resolve bugs (errors in the system) and increasingly plug cybersecurity holes. Implementing these updates is called 'Patching'.

Sometimes the updates include new or improved functionality in the operating system. These are generally referred to as upgrades, but hey typically include bug ad security fixes too.

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cyber threats


Most people would say the Hacker right? Well, they are certainly a danger. But what if we told you all four were equally dangerous? (The mirror is you by the way…). Would you want to find out why and what you can do about it?

We’re sure you would, and the answer lies in cyber hygiene training. Find out more on our cyber website here.

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Our full line-up of IT products, services, and solutions can be found online here. We provide IT support for hardware, software, disaster recovery, backup, cloud-based systems, network security, hosting, telephone systems, and more. Additionally, when you choose to become an Fresh Mango’s client, you gain not only the support of the Fresh Mango team but the additional skills and knowledge of the Fresh Mango company. Fresh Mango operates IT support & services from their office in Ripon, while Fresh Mango provides critical IT support for our client base in the British Virgin Islands. If you ever have any questions concerning, contact Fresh Mango, you can find their FAQs online as well. Click here for Fresh Mango (Yorkshire) FAQs & here for Fresh Mango (BVI) FAQs.

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