How To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Spam Calls

phone Mobile TelephoneYour phone rings and you pick up. Instead of a warm voice on the other end, you get the cold, robotic tones of an automated message trying to sell you something you probably don’t want. So, how can you make sure that your mobile is protected from disruptive and potentially costly cold-calls?

Record Fine

Unsolicited sales calls are known as ‘cold calls’, and they are something that millions of mobile phone owners are all-too-familiar with.

One piece of recent news that may warm the hearts of anyone who has been plagued by calls asking about the details of a road accident that you may have been involved in is news that a record fine of £400,000 was issued to a company called Keurboom for making nuisance calls of that kind to nearly 100 million people!

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The Microsoft Office Hack – Patch Now Available!

Microsoft has moved to patch a vulnerability in its ‘Word’ program in order to stop hackers and scammers from exploiting it to spread bank account snooping malware.Microsoft Office

What’s Been Happening?

Emails containing Microsoft RTF [Rich Text Format] attachments, loaded with the trojan malware associated with a £20m British bank account theft 2 years ago, have recently been sent to millions of recipients across numerous organisations (primarily in Australia). Continue reading “The Microsoft Office Hack – Patch Now Available!”

Windows 10 Improvements From Insider Preview Build 15002

With many businesses now having upgraded to Windows 10, it’s useful to know which of the latest features the O/S can offer that can helpwindows 10 cartoon image you to work smarter, save time, and get better results.

New Features

Although Build 15007 has just been introduced (and it includes some new additions), many technical commentators agree that the most impact was made by the rollout of Build 15002 a few days earlier.

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Tech Tip – Make A Windows 10 Full System Image Backup

With Windows 10 you can make a system image backup which means that you can easily restore your computer to the way it was in the event of a critical failure or issue.

Laptop phone tablet Backup Hardrive
Backup Hardrive HDD

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Tech Tip – Create PDF Easily in Windows 10

Converting different types of documents to PDF format usually involves installing a third-party PDF tool to carry out these conversions. With Windows 10, however, there is a built-in PDF creation feature as a print option.icon-354353

Including this feature as a print option means that any program or app in Windows 10 that allows you to print will also allow you to create or convert your files to PDF. For example, to save a web page as a PDF:


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Tech Tip – Replacing Bing in Windows 10 with Google via Chrome and Edge

If you’re used to and prefer to keep using Google instead of Bing as your search engine of choice, you may be wanting to remove or to sideline Bing, the default search engine for Windows 10, from the Windows 10 search bar. Here’s how to do it:bookcase-1869616_1920

1. Open Chrome.

2. Download “Bing2Google” from the Chrome App Store.

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