Facebook Offers Tips For Spotting Fake News

Social media giant Facebook has published adverts in the UK popular press, giving readers a list of ten ways to spot ‘fake news’. Fake news Laptop

This marks a widening of an ‘educational’ campaign that saw the same message displayed on the news feeds of users in 14 countries back in April.

What Is Fake News?

As the name suggests, fake news describes false news stories, the like of which were distributed via social media, and came to prominence during the U.S. presidential election. Many people believe that these stories influenced the election result in Donald Trump’s favour and that fake news stories seen by the UK population through social media feeds influenced the UK (Brexit) referendum result.

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Ad Dominance Highlighted By Report For Google And Facebook

The newly released Internet advertising industry’s annual report appears to show a continued duopoly-like dominance by Google and Facebook as the gatekeepers of the growth in new advertising spend. City street ad

Traced Back

The report highlights the extent to which Google and Facebook are taking most of the new money at the expense of the rest of the smaller players in the digital ad business. The real growth of the so-called duopoly situation goes back to 2015 where US venture capital fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers noted that the two tech giants accounted for 75 per cent of all new online ad spending.

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SMEs To Get 350Mbps ‘Voom Fibre’ Broadband From Virgin Media

Virgin Media Business have announced that they are offering a broadband package to SMEs that that gives broadband speeds that are more than four times faster than the equivalent speeds offered by its rivals. Fibre Optic lights

Voom Gloom For Rivals

From 2nd May, the new fibre broadband called Voom Fibre, will offer SMEs the chance to benefit from a broadband speed of 350Mbps. In reality, although many of Virgin’s customers will be able to access the full 350Mbps, most customers will get the benefit of at least 200Mbps.

Nevertheless, this appears to compare very favourably with the top broadband speed of 76Mbps offered by rivals BT, Sky and TalkTalk (where customers are in areas where those speeds are possible).

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A Gap In The Cloud – Could Google And Microsoft Be Gaining On Amazon?

A slowing in Amazon’s Web Services’ astronomical growth rate of recent years has, according to some commentators, made it look as though Microsoft and Google have more of a chance of stealing at least some of its cloud market share. Gap In Cloud

Speculation Fuelled

This latest round of speculation about whether the two leaders of the pack chasing a bigger share of the enterprise cloud market has been triggered by the release and the trumpeting of the healthy financial figures by all three.

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Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines

With the use of physical cash in decline, ATMs may need to be modified and reinvented to take on many more banking functions and to offer new services. ATM Cash Machine

Cash In Decline

Despite the high profile media reports for the introduction of a news UK £1 coin, the truth is that physical cash as a popular form of payment is being replaced by cards and smartphone payment systems.

A British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Payments Survey found for example that cash was used for less than half of all retail transactions across the UK in 2015, and this amounted to 20% fewer transactions made with cash than in 2011. Debit cards now make up around 40% of transactions in the UK, and 54% in terms of overall value of retail sales. Continue reading “Millions Of ATM Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines”

Police Using Facial Recognition Technology at Football Match

More evidence of the adoption of sophisticated biometric security measures by organisations and agencies can be seen with news that Police in Wales will be using live facial recognition technology during the Champions League final in Cardiff on 3 June. CCTV Facial Recognition Camera

Pilot Scheme At Match And Railway Station

A report on the Contacts Finder section of the gov.uk website was the first indication of the pilot that South Wales and Gwent Police forces will be running to use the latest ‘real time’ facial recognition technology at a major event, in order to try to match its 500,000 custody images in its Record Management system to any of the attendees (or persons at the train station). Continue reading “Police Using Facial Recognition Technology at Football Match”

Facebook AND Google Victims Of Massive Phishing Scam

Details have emerged of a phishing scam which took place from 2013 until 2015, allegedly run by one 48-year-old man who claimed both Google and Facebook as victims to the tune of £77 million.

Who?young boy phishing fishing

The man currently accused of running a criminal scam (that ironically claimed online security advocates and tech giants Google and Facebook as victims) is Lithuanian man Evaldas Rimasauskas. Mr. Rimasauskas is reported to be currently facing charges of wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft. Continue reading “Facebook AND Google Victims Of Massive Phishing Scam”