1.5 Million WordPress Pages Hacked. Was Yours?

Anon hackker hacked hack face maskAn estimated 1.5 million WordPress pages were attacked and defaced in January via a vulnerability in the platform’s API.

What Vulnerability?

The vulnerability in the REST API (the Application Programming Interface of the REST architecture that makes up the pages) meant that unauthorised persons could modify the content of any post or page in a WordPress website. The fact that the vulnerability was there, and that attacks were taking place through it, was flagged up to WordPress by web security firm Sucuri on 20th January.

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Government CyberFirst Initiative Gets A Much-Needed Supporter

empty classroom with projectorLockheed Martin UK has announced that it is supporting the UK government’s CyberFirst initiative, designed to attract and fast-track tomorrow’s online security experts.

What Is CyberFirst?

The CyberFirst skills initiative was piloted and launched by GCHQ in May 2016, as part of a government / industry partnership.

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30 More Tech Firms Oppose Trump Immigration Ban

america border immigrationPresident Trump’s order to ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has led to 30 more US technology firms openly expressing their opposition to it.

127 Total

The 30 technology firms, who have just signed a brief opposing the immigration ban, join 97 others who have already filed a legal document objecting to the ban because they believe that the ban will not only harm their businesses, but that it could also be unconstitutional.

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Security Companies Exaggerating Hackers Skills?

cyber crime securityThe technical director of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has said in a security conference speech that computer security companies may be exaggerating the abilities of malicious hackers.

Exaggerating to Boost Security Sales

During a speech at the Usenix Enigma security conference, Dr Ian Levy of the National Cyber Security Centre appeared to say that computer security companies who specialise in cyber sec, may be simply playing up the abilities hackers’ as a means to boost sales of their own security hardware and services to frightened businesses.

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Facebook Provides Secure Keys

Secure KeyFacebook’s 1.79 billion users can now benefit from new login security measures which use a secure key alongside the password.

Security Keys.

The new security upgrade involves the introduction of a security key for Facebook users. The FIDO U2F is a physical key which can be inserted into the USB port of any device. After the user types in their Facebook login password, they can then press the small button.

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FBI Given Access To Your Emails Stored Outside US

FBI Spies Listening Watching privacyGoogle have been told by a US magistrate that they must comply with an FBI search warrant that would allow US law enforcement agencies to access emails that are stored outside of the US.

The order, by Judge Thomas Rueter, refers to the fact that Google uses data centres around the world to store customer emails on.

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Google – No Gmail From December

mail post stamp letter handFrom December this year, if you are still using Windows XP or Vista, you will no longer be able to access your Google mail / Gmail account in anything other than basic HTML interface.

Upgrade a Familiar Story.

Since the introduction of Windows 10, and since the ceasing of support for previous operating systems XP and soon Vista, Windows users have become used to Microsoft’s message that an upgrade is necessary and inevitable.

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Dropbox Productivity Enhancements Announced

To kick off 2017, Dropbox has announced new productivity enhancements to its services, which include availability of its Paper document collaboration service and a Smart Sync feature that gives access to all shared files.

More Attractive in a Crowded Market.

Technical commentators have suggested that the new Dropbox enhancements are part of a strategy to help give the product more appeal, and a competitive edge in a market cloud storage market that has become very crowded in recent years.

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The Japanese Have Created Washable Smartphones

Male diving head first into washing machineJapanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera is reported to have introduced a new range of waterproof smartphones that can be washed in soap and water.

Second Time Around.

This is the second time that Kyocera have launched a range of waterproof smartphones. Back in December 2015, the company unveiled the “Digno Rafre” soap-proof smartphone.

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Hotel Pays Ransom To Let Guests Back In To Rooms

Opening a hotel room door with electornic key cardA luxury Austrian hotel had to pay a €1,500 ransom to hackers to allow guests back in to their locked rooms after the hackers disabled the hotel’s hi-tech room locking system.

What Happened?

Guests at the Brandstaetter hotel at the Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt resort in Austria found themselves locked out of their rooms and other areas of the hotel including the bar after the hotel was targeted by cyber criminals using a kind of malware known as ‘ransomware’.

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