Streaming Top Trumps

speedoAkamai figures show that the inauguration of President Donald Trump broke all live video streaming records in terms of the rate of data transmission in Terabytes per second (tbps).

Largest Single Live News Event.

The figures from Akami show that prior to President Trump’s inauguration, the largest live streaming event was U.S. Election Day (evening) back on 8th November 2016 when 7.5 Tbps was achieved.

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Rural Broadband and 5G On Course

countrysideThe UK government’s post-Brexit strategy green paper ‘Building our Industrial Strategy’ shows that its previous commitments to more funding for rural broadband and rolling-out and 5G mobile networks is still on the cards.

Commitments Last Year

Back in his 2016 Autumn Statement, UK Chancellor Philip Hammond said that the government would invest £400m in a digital infrastructure fund in order to boost commercial financing for new small fibre broadband providers.

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Family Seek Redress Against Apple After Distraction Road Crash Death

A family in Texas is suing Apple because they believe that a driver who was allegedly distracted by a FaceTime call on his iPhone while at thecrash car wheel was the reason for a road accident which resulted in the death of their five-year-old daughter.

What Happened?


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Windows 10 Improvements From Insider Preview Build 15002

With many businesses now having upgraded to Windows 10, it’s useful to know which of the latest features the O/S can offer that can helpwindows 10 cartoon image you to work smarter, save time, and get better results.

New Features

Although Build 15007 has just been introduced (and it includes some new additions), many technical commentators agree that the most impact was made by the rollout of Build 15002 a few days earlier.

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IT Recruitment Challenges in 2017

RecruitmentThe word from recruitment specialists to employers is that challenges in IT recruitment for 2017 will include a ‘High-Demand, Low Supply’ hiring landscape, and the need to adapt to the needs and expectations of millennials and Generation Z.

Complications and Challenges

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PC Sales Falling

Desktop computerFigures from Gartner and IDC show that, apart from the 3 big vendors, sales of PCs fell in 2016, with technology improvements and innovations proving to be not strong enough motivators to stop the downward trend.

Fifth Year Running

According to Gartner figures, the fall in PC sales is part of a downward trend that’s been going on for the last 5 years. The last quarter of 2016 saw sales dip by 3.7%, and PC sales fell globally in 2016 by 6.2% to a still quite impressive 269.7 million unit shipments. Continue reading “PC Sales Falling”

TV Accidentally Sets Off Amazon Gadget

TelevisionAmazon Echo’ gadgets in homes across the city of San Diego on the West Coast of the US were activated by a comment made by a TV presenter.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a 23.5cm tall, cylindrical, smart ‘hands-free’, voice operated speaker. The product, which was developed by Amazon and is also known as Doppler or Project D, contains a 7 piece array of microphones to allow it to receive and respond to requests from the operator.
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