Tech Tip – Replacing Bing in Windows 10 with Google via Chrome and Edge

If you’re used to and prefer to keep using Google instead of Bing as your search engine of choice, you may be wanting to remove or to sideline Bing, the default search engine for Windows 10, from the Windows 10 search bar. Here’s how to do it:bookcase-1869616_1920

1. Open Chrome.

2. Download “Bing2Google” from the Chrome App Store.

3. When you perform a Windows 10 search, Chrome will boot up and allow you to conduct your Google search. This method should also mean that you don’t lose standard Cortana or device search functions. Continue reading “Tech Tip – Replacing Bing in Windows 10 with Google via Chrome and Edge”

Businesses Misusing Average IT Security Spending Figures

A recent report by Gartner warns that although businesses are spending on average just over 5% of their overall IT budgets on IT security, comparing your security spending to other firms in the same sector is no substitute for accurately assessing your own security posture and spending requirements.

Yes It Sounds Low, But…question mark


According to Gartner’s report, the current IT security spend ranges from 1% to 13% of a firm’s IT budget, and the just over 5% average spend figure does seem low, especially considering the large number of reported hacks and security breaches. Continue reading “Businesses Misusing Average IT Security Spending Figures”

Obama Orders Election Review After Cyber Attacks

After public accusations against Russia concerning cyber attacks against Democratic Party organisations in the recent U.S. presidential election, President Barack Obama has ordered a full intelligence agency review.

Accused in October.obama


Back in October, Russia was formally accused by the U.S. government of launching cyber attacks against Democratic Party organisations during the 2016 election campaign. Since Donald Trump’s election as President on November 8th, and following his praising Putin and public dismissal of the idea of Putin and Russia’s influence or interference, the matter has snowballed into a global news story and has become the focus of Democrats’ anger and suspicion.
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100% renewable-powered data centres For Google by 2017

Google has announced that it’s still on target to meet a 2015 pledge that it will be able to offset all of the energy used at its data centres and offices with power that has been generated using renewable sources by next year.

Good, But How Significant?Renewable


It is no surprise that a global company like Google with around 62,000 staff, billions of users, and around 65% of the search engine market (not to mention Gmail, Google+, Google analytics etc) needs 13 data centres. To meet Google’s requirements it is reported that these data centres consume around 5.7 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year. Continue reading “100% renewable-powered data centres For Google by 2017”

Barcode Tracking for Dementia Sufferers

The trial of a new barcode tagging system for tracking elderly dementia sufferers and those at risk of getting lost is under way in Tokyo.

Stickers on Toenails.
Map Pinpoint

The new, free tagging system uses special 1cm (0.4in) square stickers which can be attached to a person’s toenail and are designed to stay on for 2 weeks. If the sticker was attached to items of clothing or badges for example, as well as not being discreet, there is a risk that clothing items could be left behind when the person goes out. The water-resistant stickers have QR codes which hold the address, telephone number and a unique identity number for the user.
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Capita Replacing People With Robots

So-called economic ‘headwinds’ is one of the reasons why outsourcing company Capita is cutting 2,250 UK jobs but giving more than 2,000 jobs to robots!

Automation Job Threat.


One of the long-held worries about automation has been illustrated in a ‘futuristic’ way as Capita has apparently responded to a profit warning by deciding to cut and re-direct human jobs (200 are going to India) while at the same time giving jobs to ‘robots’.
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Just Pop To The Robot Shop


Amazon look set to launch a new type of high tech (Robot) grocery shop next year that allows customers to use an app to record (and pay for) their purchases rather than having to go through a checkout.

What’s So Different About The Amazon Store?


The new Amazon store uses a combination of a special app and in-store technology to allow customers to shop and then ‘just walk out’ without having to encounter a physical checkout.
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You Guessed It. (Er, Your Credit Card Number)


Researchers from the University of Newcastle have developed a credit card querying system that has exposed loopholes in online payment systems. The system could allow cyber thieves using a similar method to successfully ‘guess’ your credit card number.

What Kind of System?


One of the main goals of cyber thieves is of course to obtain credit card details, but what if there was a way to go in through the ‘front’ of online payment systems to get them rather than hacking?
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Robot Passenger Planes Now Taking Off

PlaneBAE Systems has announced that it will be carrying out 17 trial flights in UK airspace of an aircraft that has been specially converted to enable it to fly autonomously.

From Lancashire to Inverness.


The test flights will be made using a modified Jetstream 31 aircraft. The flights are scheduled to take place between BAE’s base at Warton in Lancashire and Inverness in Scotland.
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Don’t Be (Unwittingly) Tracked By Uber


Privacy campaigners have complained (on behalf of concerned customers) after it was revealed that an update to Uber’s app allows users’ GPS signals to be followed after they have left the vehicle at the end of their journey.

Continues To Run In The Background.

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