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Enjoy fast, online telephone systems with more functionality than an in house telephone network but at the fraction of the cost!

Online Telephone SystemsIDT’s hosted PBX telephone system is perfect for small and medium sized companies who want a phone system with all the benefits of the best traditional telephone network but without the cost. And the beauty is, the hosted network grows as your company grows – you simply add another phone.

The IDT hosted PBX solution has been built using Broadsoft’s application platform used by BT and the majority of the world’s top telecommunications companies.

The telephone system is simple to manage and use and is automatically configured when initially installed making the experience hassle free.

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All IDT phone systems are planned, designed and built by fully qualified, experienced and professional individuals with years of experience in the IT industry. We’ll consult your company and analyse your setup to ensure the recommendations, hardware and software we provide are fit as bespoke solutions for your business needs. Online telephone systems are part and parcel of effective internal communications for your company and external dialogues with your vital clients. Don’t get left behind in the modern market.

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“We are a leading supplier of bagging and slicing in the UK and have to respond fast and accurately to customers needs. Without support of an IT company like IDT which share the same values we would not be able to meet these demands. Thank you.”

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